Abe no Masahiro is the main protagonist of the Shōnen Onmyōji. He is the grandson of the famous Onmyouji, Abe no Seimei.



Masahiro is a 13-year-old onmyouji in training who is kind to both humans and yokai. While he does wield strong power, he is young and inexperienced, especially in the beginning. It causes him to misjudge the limits to his abilities and thus exhausts himself greatly.

He can be cocky and sometimes clumsy, but he is a hard worker and will often overwork himself, especially if it involves a task given to him by his grandfather. He doesn’t mind doing trivial tasks because he believes that every little chore can be important. He is also not beneath pranking people.

Masahiro greatly despises being called Seimei’s grandson and the high expectations others have for him. He gets easily irritated with his grandfather and, after being riled up by him, will become extremely determined to prove that he can do the task his grandfather gave him.

While typically being a strong minded individual, he can feel insecure at times and lonely when Touda is not around. Due to a bad childhood experience he is afraid of the the sound of the hammer (curse) at dark.



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Masahiro and Touda, despite bickering with and teasing each other often, share a deep sense of friendship and trust between them. They are both willing to lay down their own lives for the other. Throughout his childhood Masahiro was watched over and protected by Touda, even when Masahiro wasn’t aware he was doing so. On their first meeting, Touda would not acknowledge Masahiro because he does not believe that he is the grandson of Seimei since he could not see ayakashi so Touda would not give him his name. In turn, Masahiro nicknamed him as Mokkun. It was not only Masahiro who gave him another name, Seimei, Touda's master, has given him the name of Guren. Masahiro always reminds Touda that if Touda is hurting, Masahiro would always be willing to listen. Touda often comforts Masahiro during times of insecurity and fright, and in turn Masahiro tries to do the same for Touda.


Masahiro is constantly irritated by his grandfather, who frequently riles him up to the point where he becomes fiercely determined just to prove himself to his grandfather. While Masahiro does care about Seimei, he also does seem to harbor a little ill will toward him due to how he is treated and a few bad childhood experiences.


Masahiro and Akiko easily become good friends despite their different social statuses. She blames herself for causing trouble for others but Masahiro tries to convince her otherwise. Over the course of the series they begin to fall in love with each other.


  • Abe no Masahiro was voted 16th most popular character in the Anime Grand Prix.


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