Fujiwara Akiko


Affiliation: House of Fujiwara

Akiko is a princess Masahiro encounters in the second episode in the Imperial Palace after his coming of age and saves her when a demon attacks her. Akiko is special because she is one of the few princesses to have the Kenki ability (the ability to see demons).


Akiko is a strong willed and independent girl who is often annoyed about having to follow certain customs required of her status. Even though she knows that she is not very strong, she does whatever she can to help others, especially Masahiro. She prefers to do tasks such as shopping and cooking by herself instead of having servants to do it, and is helped along in this respect by Masahiro’s mother. She tends to feel guilty about the trouble she causes others.

Relationships Edit

Masahiro – Masahiro and Akiko became very good friends despite their different social statuses. Akiko admires his strength of will and, as the series progresses, they began to fall in love with each other.

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