Kyuki is the leader of the foreign demons during the Kyuki Arc. He can take the form of either a winged tiger with horns or a large demon bull.

Although possessing incredible strength and power, Kyūki is hampered by a massive wound on his throat inflicted by the demon which chased him from China and which requires the consumption of someone possessing great spiritual power in order to heal. As Seimei is too strong for him to attack, Kyūki targets Masahiro instead but also pursues Akiko as well for her Kenki ability and because beautiful longhaired girls are his favorite food.

He usually has his followers attack his enemies and uses his enemies’ desires to control them. He is eventually killed when Masahiro uses the Gōma no Tsurugi to stab him though the chest in order to transmit a spell directly into Kyūki's body.