Rikugo is the supporting characters of the Shōnen Onmyōji. He is one of the Twelve Shinshou who wields the power of wood. He works with Guren as one of Masahiro's escort. He usually appears hidden.



Rikugo takes his duty of protecting Seimei very seriously when called upon, although he is willing to leave him to protect Masahiro when ordered to. He is very loyal and will accept anything Seimei says as fact, as shown when he is the only summon spirit to accept Seimei’s decision of making Masahiro his successor.

He rarely speaks his mind and normally appears stoic. It is said that the only way to truly see his emotions is by looking into his eyes. The only person he seemed to show any kind of feelings around is Kazane.



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While initially having a rocky start, Rikugo found himself falling in love with Kazane. She was the only person who he seemed to be willing to let his guard down enough to show some emotion. Just before she died, he held her in an embrace and revealed his true name to her—which he had never told anyone else.

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  • His true name is Saiki.


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