Touda is one of the main protagonists of the Shōnen Onmyōji. He is one of the Twelve Shinshou, also known as the "Fire General" Touda (騰蛇), who used to be a shikigami(式神) under Abe no Seimei. He now accompanies Masahiro in the form of Mokkun (もっくん), a quadruped creature.


Personality Edit

Touda, although seen as a serious and dedicated, becomes a somewhat snarky and almost playful individual around Masahiro. He often plays tricks on the people who annoy him. Due to an event in the past the other summon spirits distrust him, but Touda believes their hate is justified.

Touda is considered to be one of the most feared summon gods due to his control over the flames of Hell. His power is so incredible that Seimei created a golden band to put around his head to keep his own strength from overwhelming him. This led him to believe that it was best for him to be alone so as not to hurt others. As stated by Masahiro in the anime, Touda also fears that everyone who sees him will hate him.

Masahiro, even when just a very young child, never feared Touda. When Touda realized this he was surprised and it gave him the light he needed to pull out of his depression. He devoted his life to protecting Masahiro and that decision forever stands.



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Abe no MasahiroEdit

Touda is always willing to put his life on the line for Masahiro and Masahiro does the same. They protect each other and have a deep bond of friendship and trust. It is because of Masahiro that Touda does not isolate himself from others and, after some convincing from Masahiro, is willing to depend on him if he is hurting mentally or physically. They have a relationship like they are brothers.


  • Guren means "Red Lotus".


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